Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Museum of Bad Art

I have MavJeni to thank for this link: The Museum of Bad Art It had me literally laughing out loud. Be sure to take time to look at all three collections: portraiture, landscapes and "unseen forces". I think that last category was my personal favorite but they're all worth a look. And be REALLY sure to read the commentary accompanying the artwork. That's what makes it. I mean how can you resist looking at a painting where the description says:
"Bloody cloud bursts in an otherwise clear sky, frothing nostrils as the bovine beast dives, lemming like, and misses the phosphorescent, oily, swimming hole."
They just don't make 'em like that every day, y'know!! (For which we can all be thankful. Ahem.) It makes me want to donate some work to them. All they have is paintings and a couple of sculptures. I think they need some bad fiber art too. I'm sure I have something sufficiently heinous around here if I dig a little. I wonder if they'd take it. Hhhhmmm.....

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