Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Progress, of sorts and the Name Thang

I got some quilting done yesterday without throwing my machine through a window or having anyone threaten to wash my mouth out with soap! Yay Me! I was still having some thread-breakage problems as I quilted those last couple of suns, but once I finished those and moved on to the background, where there is less fabric bulk and no fusible web layer, the machine and thread both behaved themselves nicely. This is good news for finishing this quilt, as background is all I have left. It is bad news for future quilts because I use a lot of fusible web! So I've decided to do my favorite Scarlett O'Hara thing and worry about it tomorrow, at Tara. I'll finish this quilt, (hopefully in time to get it photographed and slides made for some upcoming show entry deadlines!) and then I think it's time to take Ellie in for a check-up. I know she's past due for one. (Ellie being my machine...an Elna 6005 Heirloom Edition...one step up from the Quilter's Dream machine that the woman with the annoying voice pushes.) I've made a commitment to do a couple of small paper collage pieces this summer, so I can work on those while Ellie is in the Sewing Machine Hospital being cleaned and greased up and whateverthehell else they do to them in there. To Debra and Deborah --- I bet we're all within 10 or 15 years of the same age. It seems like there was a plague of Deborah/Debra babies born in the 1950's and 1960's! I was originally supposed to be "Katherine", but my mom had a couple of friends who had girls and named them Katherine or Catherine so Mom decided she needed to think of something else. She was reading "The Silver Chalice", by Thomas Costain, at the time and one of the characters was named Deborah and she thought "Oh...that's pretty and different." (snort!) I don't think I went through a single year of school where there wasn't at least one other Deb/Debbie/Debby/Debra/Deborah in the same class as me. Still, I'm kind of glad I ended up Deborah instead of Katherine because I'm sure I would've ended up being called Kathy and my maiden name was Keeton, and I think Kathy Keeton sounds just way too "kute". ;-)

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