Monday, May 23, 2005

Sun Quilt Saga

After moping around here all day Saturday feeling like death warmed over, I felt totally back to normal yesterday. Go figure! I still have no idea what was wrong Saturday, but whatever it was must've been a 24-hour thing. Ok, on to the sun quilt saga. Despite feeling puny, I quilted a couple of suns on Saturday and everything went fine. Then yesterday I planned a big quilting day, actually hoping I could get all the sun sections quilted so I could move on to the background today. Alas, the universe had other plans. For some reason, yesterday I was having MAJOR thread breakage issues. I tried all the usual things I would tell someone else to try in that situation. I switched to a different spool of thread. I changed the bobbin. I changed the needle --- twice (once to a new needle of the same size, the second time to a different size). I slowed down a bit. I fiddled with top and bottom tension. I cleaned lint out of the bobbin area. I checked the tension discs for anything that shouldn't be there. Not a bit of it helped. I was still breaking the thread every few inches. Ggggrrrr. I'd like to blame the new foot, since it's the only new element, but since it worked fine when I did my half-a-sun test the day I got it, and on Saturday when I quilted a couple more, I can't see that it's the problem. I have had to reluctantly conclude the problem is probably operator error. Aaarrrgghhh!! Good grief, it's not like I haven't done this before!! So anyway, after much wasted effort and a minor temper tantrum (including some language that would have had my mother making a frowny face at me and calling me "Deborah Ann"), I put the quilt away yesterday afternoon with 2 1/2 suns still unquilted. Soooo frustrating. We (the royal We, that is) are hoping for better results today.

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