Monday, May 16, 2005

How was YOUR weekend?

I mentioned in passing last week that I was trying to figure out some new software and update my website. I'll give you three guesses how I spent my weekend. RSR READER: "You flew to a tropical island and cavorted on a beach with a hot, sexy, scantily dressed young man who brought you drinks with umbrellas in them and gave you a foot massage in between all the cavorting?" DEB: "No." (sigh) RSR READER: "You cleaned your entire house from top to bottom and end to end, so that it's all sparkly and shiny and everything in it is neat and organized?" DEB: "NO! Geeze, what planet are YOU from??" RSR READER: " worked on your website?" DEB: "Yeppers!" I actually didn't intend to spend all weekend on it, but I did a little oopsie. I finally thought I was figuring things out and thought to myself "Ok, self, let's upload a test page and see how it looks." So I did, only....wait! Instead of uploading *A* test page, as in singular, the command I used uploaded everything I'd been working on, including all the other pages which were SO not finished yet. Oops. So I then spent I-don't-know-how-long fixing things so that the website, while far from finished, at least has something legible (I hope!) on it if someone stumbles across it. I figure it's going to take me most of the rest of the week to get it truly finished. Oh well, it's something constructive to do while I wait on my still-missing quilting foot which, according to the seller, is supposedly en-route, but seems to be traveling from Georgia to Kentucky via Istanbul. Pppfffttt. In the meantime, today I go get squished at my annual mammogram appointment. How about it, all you female readers? Are you up-to-date on your mammograms? If not, go call RIGHT NOW and make the appointment! I mean it! Why are you still sitting there reading? GO!!