Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Amazing Race (but no amazing mail)

I just finished watching the finale of The Amazing Race a little while ago and I won't say who finished in what order, so as not to spoil it for someone who might check in from another time zone, but I will say that I was pleased with the result. :-) I am less pleased that I still have no free-motion foot for my sewing machine. How long can it take to get something to northern Kentucky from northern Georgia? I'm trying to be patient, really I am. My big project of the day was to organize a bunch of J's old family photographs. When his mom died (in March of this year) and his favorite aunt died (a year ago February) we ended up bringing home a stack of photos from both places and they have been sitting around gathering dust ever since. But as of today the ones he wanted are all neatly arranged in a good (non-"magnetic"!!) photo album and the ones he doesn't want are tucked into an envelope, ready to pass along to his brothers and sisters the next time we see them. I also worked a little while on trying to figure out a website redesign, but I'm trying to learn to use some software to do it, after having only ever made a website using some very basic "write my own" HTML and unfortunately what I mostly accomplished was to give myself a raging headache. Sigh. If my quilting foot takes much longer to arrive I may actually start doing something like (gasp!) cleaning house!! Naaawwww.....

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