Thursday, May 05, 2005

Knitting Mug Shot

I have accomplished nothing on the sun quilt this week and am not feeling at all happy about that, but Real Life has been very intrusive to my creative time the past few days. I am determined I will get some quilting done before the weekend, dammit. In the meantime, to show that I have not, in fact, been a COMPLETE slacker in the creativity department, here's a pic of me modeling the scarf I finished last night. It's made from that sheen-y, variegated, ribbon yarn (can't remember the name of it). It wasn't too bad to work with, although it certainly doesn't hide faults as well as the fuzzy yarns I love so much. I've lost track of how many scarves I've made in the last year or so. And the funny thing is, I don't knit. Well, ok, obviously I DO knit, sort of. BUT. Knitting, for me, means doing one stitch over and over again, in straight rows. That's absolutely all I know how to do. So I make big, long, knitted rectangles, A.K.A. scarves, because I love the yarn and I love having a task that engages my hands, (but not my brain), when I watch TV. I've given some of them away to friends ("Here! You're TAKING a scarf whether you want one or not, dammit!") and have loads of them in my closet. I wore one pretty much every time I went out this winter. Now summer is coming on, but I'm still making scarves. It's madness. But fun.

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