Thursday, April 28, 2005

Factoid Follow-Up

I want to thank those who post comments to my posts. I love to hear your thoughts! Some of the comments about the Factoid Quiz have prompted this follow-up post. So here are my thoughts on: The Amazing Race I'm rooting for Joyce and Uchenna. Any woman who would shave her head just for the chance to stay in the game, when a) she isn't guaranteed to win the money and b) her partner is already bald and doesn't have to do it too gets my vote! I actually thought she looked good bald, but it still had to be a traumatic thing to do. So here's how I'd like to see things end this season: 1st: Joyce and Uchenna (see I just think they seem nice) 2nd: Meredith and Gretchen. I like him. I find her intensely annoying. To steal a line from Joey on "Friends", every time she moans "oooooooh dear" she makes me want to rip off my arm so I have something to hit her with. However I really admire their determination in getting where they are despite not being the physically strongest to start with, plus setbacks like injuries and getting all their stuff taken away. 3rd: Rob and Amber. Yes, they're rude, obnoxious, and selfish. But they're also lucky and skilled. I think they deserve to be in the top three. But I'd like to see someone else win. So in other words, I'd like to see them finish in exactly the order in which they'll be starting the next episode! Retiring to Northern California: The climate sounds perfect. But the cost of living compared to here would mean we wouldn't be able to afford a teensy hovel in a bad neighborhood in that part of the country! Unfortunately, that's what we're going to run into in a lot of different areas. The low cost of living in Kentucky is an advantage while we're here, but a disadvantage if we want to go somewhere else someday. Oh well. We'll burn that bridge when we get there. "Lamb: yada yada....": So far I'm finding it kind of slow going, but with some laugh-out-loud funny lines thrown in here and there. But I'm only about 50 or 60 pages into it, so maybe the pace will pick up a bit as I go on. Marshmallows: You're absolutely right, Kristen! I should've said I don't like unheated marshmallows. If they're toasted, or melted into hot chocolate or something, they're fine. And I like marshmallow cream. (Cream? Creme? hhmmm...) But to me, the out-of-the-bag texture of a marshmallow is like trying to chew on a piece of foam rubber. Bleah.