Friday, April 22, 2005

Snapshots of a Walk

I go for a walk nearly every day. This time of year, when the afternoons are starting to get hot and humid, I usually go after supper. I'm always saying "I should take my camera", but almost never do. BUT...earlier this week, I actually remembered to take my camera on my walk! Yay me!! So now, in the "FotoFriday" tradition, I'm going to share three of my favorite photos from that walk. The lower pond in the late afternoon light. Notice the not-red redbud trees flowering at the edge. (Yes, there is an upper pond too.) Hickory leaves breaking out of their "pod". I think they look so cool at this stage! Very exotic...almost alien-looking. A baby oak tree. I think the red color of the new growth, combined with the early sunset light on the hills in the background, make this look more like a fall photo than a spring one.