Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What Kind of Girl Are You?

If you are reading this and you AREN'T a girl (woman!!), there's also a "What Kind Of Girl Is She?" quiz you can take with a specific woman in mind. The quiz is from the writers of "Cooking to Hook Up", a new cookbook that is written with the idea of teaching bachelors to cook for their dates. (link below)
I am a hybrid of: Indie Girl Progressive Girl

Click on the pictures below to read more:

Indie GirlProgressive Girl
Take the 'What Kind of Girl Are You?' quiz at CookingToHookup.com

I have to say, I found their results pretty accurate in my case! Thanks to Joshilyn for posting the link to the quiz. I love taking quizzes! :-) So...what kind of girl does it say you are? And do you agree??

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