Thursday, April 14, 2005

Signs of Spring in Kentucky

1. The Redbud trees burst from orchid-purple bud into glorious lilac-purple bloom. Why, you might ask, are purple-blooming trees called "Redbuds"? My theory is that they were named by the same person who thought yellow cake with vanilla custard between the layers and chocolate frosting on top should be called Boston Cream Pie. 2. Nearly every lawn has huge swaths of sunny yellow dandelions. I actually really love dandelions in their yellow flower stage, and hate to see everyone mowing them down. I think they look like puddles of sunshine on the lawn. I admit to feeling somewhat less charitable about them when they wander out of the lawn and into the flower beds and vegetable garden. 3. You drive 'round the bend and suddenly see Young Goats In Love, doing the HubbaBubba right next to the road. I bet that's a sight you don't see every day in NYC or L.A. least not in NYC.

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