Monday, April 11, 2005

Finally, a Sun Report!

Only four small blocks to go and I'll be ready to start sewing blocks together. Yeah, baby! I'm still thinking about where to go from there. Melody paid me a visit (well, not ME, personally, which is good because my house is currently disgusting even by MY standards, but she paid Red Shoe Ramblings a visit) and said she thinks the suns dun need no steeenkin' border. I'm going to have to at least consider that idea, because I LOVE Melody's work. I think her quilts are Practically Perfect In Every Way. I don't think I want a traditional border, but I don't think I'm done when I get these blocks pieced together either. When I picture it that way, it looks unfinished to me. This thing is whispering in my ear that it wants something to the bottom and right of the current composition, but so far I'm not quite catching exactly what it wants. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here's the latest progress pic. Bright Suns Pic number 3,947.672 (or something like that)

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