Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chocolate Festival

Johnny and I just spent a couple of hours at the Chocolate Festival in Washington, Kentucky. It's a nice little town about 15 miles from here and they have the Chocolate Festival the third weekend of every April. We had a nice time, but believe it or not, did NOT buy any chocolate! Almost criminal, I know. We taste-tested a couple of things, but none of the chocolate was making us think we really had to have it. We bought a couple of fried apple pies...a treat J's mom and my Grandma Keeton both used to make, but they're both gone now and I don't make them, so we sometimes buy them for old times sake when we see them at bake sales. Bought some hot relish. Bought some raffle tickets (to try to win a free hour-long massage session!). And my prize of the day was a lovely little blue and green art glass vase that I found on a flea market table for a mere $2.00. This is a picture of the vase on the railing of our back deck. I included the background so you could see how pretty the grass is right now...bright green, with "sunshine puddle flowers" scattered around, and the trees are just starting to leaf out. If you want to see a close-up of just the vase, click on the photo. Johnny's prize of the day was two lovely, healthy-looking cherry trees for a mere $5.00 each. He's out planting them right now. Now that I've had my morning of play, I'm off to sew more on the sun quilt!

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