Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy

I've been managing to post to ye olde blogge the past few days by a combination of determination and luck, so you probably haven't known, but I've been having horrid server problems for days now. This is not good. We internet addicts are not happy when we cannot get our fix! But today we had a visit from PatTheTechieGuy. Yay! I don't know Pat's last name, despite the fact that he's spent a fair amount of time visiting the Richardson household since we got our wireless 'net connection a few months ago, so in my mind he is PatTheTechieGuy and I'm always glad to see him arrive when I'm having server problems because he always seems to find a way to fix them, even out here on the edge of nowhere. So this afternoon PatTheTechieGuy and DearHusbandJohnny spent a lot of time moving ladders, and stretching wires, and doing tasks involving tool usage, and other ManlyMan sorts of activities and by the time PatTheTechieGuy left I had a working 'net connection again. YES!! We heart Pat. Pat has pretty eyes. Pat is the new black. (That is a blatant rip-off of some of Joshilyn's favorite lines. Hey, when you see a good one, use it!!) In the end, my receiver dish got moved off the house to a tree in the back yard. The more permanent solution will probably involve installing a pole on which to mount the dish, and digging a trench to install some wires inside conduit, and yada yada yada, blah blah techie stuff, but all that is in the future. I'll think about it tomorrow, at Tara. For now I'm just happy that I can POST again, and I can EMAIL again, and I can SURF again, and I can do it all without holding my breath, or crossing my eyes, or sacrificing a virgin chicken. I'm easily pleased, really. I just want what I want when I want it. Is that unreasonable? In quilting news, while I was waiting on PatTheTechieGuy to arrive, I managed to get the sun quilt top basted and ready to quilt. Stay tuned for breaking news as it develops. Maybe we'll even hear from Bob and Sylvia.

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