Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Studio Confidantes

Diane asked this question on her blog: "Do you have a Studio Confidante? You know, someone who lives in your studio and keeps you company and makes you smile?" I have several! :-) I posted last month about my newest and most-favoritest SC, the maaaahvelous mermaid Marlena (made by Martha --- how alliterative). Marlena lounges on top of my scanner, watching over me. Well, ok, really she kind of looks like she's gazing over my head and out the window, but whatever, I still love her. Here are pics of three more of my SC's. Mr. Wizard, who stands on the main level of my 'puter desk, between my pen-and-pencil mug and a framed snapshot of some friends and me. ChaChaKitty, who guards the upper shelf of the 'puter desk, near the printer. And finally, Murplemaid, the wonderfully zaftig mermaid who came all the way from New Zealand to hang out on my inspiration board.