Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Questions and follow-ups and STUFF

Wow, yesterday felt like a day-and-a-half! But more on that later.... First of all, I have a question for any other people out there who are on blogger/blogspot. In theory, I have my preferences set to forward comments to my email address so I can see when a new comment has been posted. But for the past week or so, that's been increasingly unreliable and yesterday I didn't get an email about a single comment, even though 5 were posted (well, ok, 4 and a dupe...hehehe). So my question is, are any of the rest of you having that same problem? If so, I'm guessing it's a blogger problem. If not, I'm guessing my ISP is getting over-zealous on their filters and I need to either talk to them or switch which email addy I'm forwarding comments to. Now on to some follow-ups about some comments made yesterday. To Debra: I will be up-to-date on my lipid profile in another week or so. This week was Squish Week. Next week is Pincushion Week, where I'll go let the vampire techs drain a couple of gallons of blood in order to do a lipid profile, glucose tolerance test, and a CA-125 test (to check for ovarian cancer markers in the blood). Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I don't throw up or pass out! :-) (It's not a fear thing...I don't mind needles. It's a "I don't do too well with the drop in blood pressure on an empty stomach" thing.) To Dara and Kristen: Um, as you probably discovered by now, the website is SO not finished. At this point it's kind of like those sets they used to use for old Western movies. It LOOKS like there's a whole town full of buildings, but if you open the doors, there's nothing on the other side! But I'm working busily to rectify that, honest. I'll post something here when there's actually "rooms" behind those doors. ;-) To Anonymous: Please, please, please, y'all, if you use the option to make an anonymous comment, sign your first name so I (hopefully) know who I'm talking to. I'd hate to block anonymous comments, because I don't want to make people have to register to talk to me, but I also really want to be able to answer and to know who I'm talking to when I do! Thanks. :-) Anyway, dear Anonymous, I consider the red shoe quilt to be whimsical, which is a sort of humor I guess, but I don't consider it to be humorous in the same way that, for instance "Moo-fish" is. The red shoe really IS a sort of self-portrait and making it really was a healing experience for me, so it doesn't feel right to me to stick it in the humorous quilts category, which are quilts I did purely for fun --- no particular meaning or purpose beyond "this makes me smile". I ended up deciding to give the shoe quilts their own category. There are only two so far, but I fully intend to do more in that series, so I gave them their own page and it's one of the few on the website where there's already something behind the "door". That way I don't have to decide if they're humorous, serious, or a bit of both! (Incidentally, the second shoe quilt, "Shoes for Julie" would go in the humorous category if I wasn't giving the shoes their own page.) At this point, I had planned to tell you a little more about The Day That Felt Like It Lasted 36 Hours, but this is already getting too long, so Never Mind (said in my best Emily Latella voice). It wasn't important anyway, and things are fine today. I just started out in the mood for mini-rant and I'm over it. So....I'll work some more on the website instead. The only thing I'll say from what would have been my mini-rant about my day is this: I find it very disconcerting to have a complete stranger speak to and about my breasts as if they were seperate entities, independent of my body. I'm just saying.

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