Saturday, May 21, 2005

It's Here! It's Finally HERE!!

No, not the new phone book, silly. My new free-motion quilting foot is finally here! I got it late yesterday afternoon, 12 days after ordering (!!!), which means I will not be ordering from Bobby's Bobbins in north Georgia again. But it's here and it works. I quilted the rest of the section I'd been working on when my old foot died and the stitches and tension look good. Whew! However it is just exactly the way the universe seems to work that now that I can finally get back to work on the sun quilt, I woke up this morning feeling like something someone scraped from the bottom of an old shoe --- my head hurts, my ears hurt, my throat really hurts, especially when I swallow, and my brain feels like it's working about half-speed. Bleah. But I still plan to try to get some work done today, in between my main planned events of napping and gazing at the walls. Stay tuned...

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