Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Project Runway: Project Makeover

Here's my take on tonight's episode - "Girls Rooool and Boys Drool!" I was so NOT surprised that the two favorites were the outfits designed by Chloe and Kara (who also designed my two favorites last week, as you may recall). As usual though, my pick was number two. It's uncanny how that always happens. I loved what Chloe made for Nick. I thought it was elegant and rich-looking. But my favorite was the strange-but-fun outfit that Kara made for Santino. It looked fun and enough different from Santino's "usual" clothes to fit the makeover theme, but still looked like something I could picture him buying and wearing. Of course if the edited version of events that we see is to be believed, that could be partly because he seemed to me to give her a lot of input and feedback throughout the process and seemed to really influence a lot of her decisions. Perhaps it was more of a Kara-Santino collaborative outfit than truly a Kara design, and in that case I can't really be sorry that Chloe won. I was glad that Heidi flat-out told Daniel that he'd have been out if he hadn't had immunity. What he did wasn't at all what I thought he would do from his sketch. The sketch was cute! It looked very fun and young and flirty. But I thought the finished dress and vest (jacket? whatever!) looked distinctly hooker-ish - and not a pricy hooker either. Not good! Nick is another one who I thought had a really cool design on paper. I loved his sketch and thought his idea would totally suit Daniel. But when I saw the fabric he bought, I felt a twinge of "uh oh, this could be bad" and sure enough, the execution of the design turned into a disaster. Poor Nick. It seemed to me that he lost momentum the week that Zulema took Tarah away from him and he just never quite recovered. I'll miss you, Nick! Santino. the Bloody HELL was he thinking with that jumpsuit??? Sweet merciful Zeus. Aside from the major construction problems, it was so tight it was pulling across her body and the fabrics were in colors that looked like they were custom designed to totally wash out someone with Kara's coloring. Yikes! And there were no Timpressions tonight!! If the judges are going to keep Santino on, he at least needs to entertain us with some Timpressions or some songs or something. Something other than "polished turd" jokes, that is. Blech. I personally thought Santino's design and construction were even worse than Nick's, but the judges disagreed with me yet again. My picks would have been Kara to win, Santino to go. Instead we had Chloe to win, Nick to go. Ah well. Any guesses who the final four will be designing for when they create an evening gown? My guess is Heidi Klum!