Friday, December 08, 2006

A Glimpse of my World #2 (with a couple of oh-so-fascinating digressions)

I want to share a few photos with you today. But first... Digression One: Before we get to the photos, here's a quick reminder that if you haven't voted yet for your favorite entry in the "Hot HubbaBubba" or "Not Tonight, I Have a Headache" story contests, you have today and tomorrow to get those votes in. You can read the entries HERE. And don't forget, only votes submitted by email count. If you tell me your favorites in the comments section, that's lovely and all, but it doesn't help the talented writer of your favorite story win a semi-fabulous prize. So email and vote! Digression Two: If you enjoy voting for those stories so much that you're looking all around just HOPING for something else to vote for, you could always try clicking HERE. Y'see, my website has been nominated to possibly be featured on the Indie-o-rama website if it gets enough votes. The catch is that you must be an Indie-o-rama member to vote, but if you are you can vote HERE. I'm nominated in the "Artists" category. If you aren't a member, you can join for free by clicking HERE (scroll down to the bottom for the free membership), and THEN go vote for me! You don't have to, of course. But if you do - Thank you! You're pretty! :-) Now on to the photos... Check out the handsome visitor who has been stopping by our house lately: I wish I knew his name, but I don't. He has a collar, but no name tag. We think we know who he belongs to - a neighbor we generally refer to as something that starts with a "B" and ends with an "itch." (Long story, but believe me she's earned the name.) He seems so sweet and if he was abandoned or obviously neglected I'd take him in, but I think he's being cared for physically. He just seems really lonely. (sigh....) Check out how green the grass is under his feet! That's what our yard looked like until yesterday, when we woke up to this: and this: I know it isn't much compared to the snow a lot of places around the US have already gotten lately, but it's the first snow we've seen around here this winter. It's prompted a lot of extra activity at the bird feeder that hangs outside our dining room window. We've been getting visitors like this guy: and these: Naturally, as soon as I put the camera away, a cardinal and a downy woodpecker visited. Pppffft. Earlier this week I took some full moon photos two nights in a row. Tuesday night the moon had the strongest, most colorful ring around it I think I've ever seen. It was like a ring-shaped rainbow. I tried to use the timer to capture it and while it isn't perfect, this next photo will give you the idea. It's also today's Daily Art Thang. "Moon Ring" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!