Sunday, December 03, 2006

You Come For Fun, I Give You a Little Nag and Whine (yeah, baby!)

The Nag Here's yet another annoying shove gentle reminder before we get to anything else. You still have the better part of two days to send me a silly little story and have a chance to win Fun Stuff! (Click here for details.) And don't be surprised when you see yet another nag mention of this tomorrow. So far the competition is small, but mighty. And those of you who have been brave enough to enter Contest One are doing a great job of meeting the challenge while still keeping things PG-rated. Thank you! :-) And if you want to read the story that was the reply to the challenge that started it all, check out Dragonfly's story. Keep in mind hers is much longer than what I'm asking for from y'all for the contest, since this whole thing started as more of a dare between friends, but I thought she did a super-fabulous job of meeting the challenge. Brava, Dragonfly!!! Your postcard will be in the mail in the next couple of days. And the Whine (pass the cheese...) I've been taking photos to possibly use for the December Self-Portrait Challenge theme of Red and I can already tell this is going to be one of those months when I have more photos I like than weeks to use them. The November and December themes were/are both things that I loved, so what do you want to bet that January - which contains 5 Tuesdays - will have a theme that makes me cringe. It just always seems to work that way. Heh. But now, I'm going to admit something not-too-pretty here. I'm finding myself with a wee bit of an Attitude Problem about the SPC at the moment and I'm working on getting past that. The point of the challenge should be for me to do it for myself - as a way to creatively interpret a theme with a subject (me!!) that doesn't always make me comfortable (although participating in the SPC for so long really has made me more comfortable with having my photo taken than I've ever been in my life). Mostly I think I DO do it just for the creative satisfaction. But there's that small, fiercely competitive part of me that craves recognition, and that part wants a nod now and then from the features editors. I found myself feeling a teensy bit discouraged and bitter to have put so much effort into the posts I did for the November theme only to not be given a mention by even a single features editor for a single week. I've been letting that suck some of the joy from the December theme for me...having just a bit of a "why bother" sort of attitude toward it. SO, my goal for today is to get right the hell over myself and come up with something FUN to post for Tuesday without getting my panties in a twist if the Powers That Be of the challenge don't think it's "good enough." Pppffftt! (Psssttt, Morven....Sorry about the "panties" thing...hehehe) I figure if I set that goal publicly I have to follow through. :-) Daily Art Thang "Intersection" (clickable if you want to see it larger)