Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SPC: Glam, Week 4 - Movie Poster

Here we are at the final week of November's Glam Self-Portrait Challenge. All month I've been taking my inspiration from classic Hollywood glamor shots. For this final week I decided to veer a little sideways from that and turn my final self-portrait into a faux movie poster. I got the idea from the lovely Angela, who used this site to turn one of her self-portraits into a magazine cover. When I saw they also offered a movie poster template I thought that was a perfect way to wind up my homage to Hollywood. This is probably my least-favorite of the photos I've posted for this month, but still...how could I resist ending this series with a shot that features red shoes! "Self-Portrait in a Movie Poster" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window, which you really should so you can read the fine print on the poster!) PS...I see that the SPC theme for December is RED! How ironic. Maybe I should post this twice! Edited to add - Because several people have asked about the "film rating" - it's rated R for "Red" and "Ramblings." I'm not that deep, y'all. :-D