Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #33

I'm not sure that post title is quite what it should be, because this one includes a lot of Linky Love, which is kind of like showing you Stuff pulled from Other People's Drawers. (Wow, that just sounded very, very wrong.) My Drawer: Don't forget you have five more days to write a fun little story or two for a chance to win some semi-fabulous prizes! WooHoo!! You even have your choice of two different ways to enter - the HubbaBubba theme of Contest One, or the Have-a-Headache theme of Contest Two. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out This Post. Go ahead, I'll wait. (Lalalalalaaaaaaa) Are you back? Oh good. My Drawer: Y'all! I JUST, as I was typing this post, had my 150,000th blog visitor since I started keeping track of stats! That's so cool! I noticed it was getting close and was keeping an eye on it to see if I could spot when the count tipped over. So to whoever just visited here in the early hours of Wednesday morning (US EST), surfing in from New York state via the SPC site - Hi! Consider yourself showered with virtual confetti and balloons to the sounds of a Cyber Brass Band playing "We Will Rock You." :-) OPD: Do y'all ever visit the Worth 1000 website? I don't go often, but I visit now and then. They post lots of challenges for people to show off their photography and Photoshop skills. A friend sent me a link to one of their recent contests which was called "Pimp My Ren" which was a challenge to "show us today's big bling, hip culture as seen thru the eyes of yesteryear's classic artists." I found the results pretty creative and funny, (if occasionally a bit disturbing). You can check it out Here, if you want to see. OPD: Anyone who spends much time here knows I'm not a TV snob. I freely admit I watch some crappy stuff, but still...Ever wonder just exactly how badly wrong this whole "Reality" TV thing can go? Wonder no more. Just check This out. I'm at a loss for words. You just have to read it for yourself. Go ahead. I'll wait again. (Lalalalalaaaaaaaaaa) Back? Well, what did you think?? I know. I KNOW!! The citizens of Muncie, Indiana, have my condolences. My Drawer: I spent some time in Muncie many years ago. I wonder if they still have that really great used book store. I wonder if the Red Dog Saloon is still there. I wonder if Yorktown Cafe still has mile-high coconut cream pie. And ooooh, there was that fab little Italian restaurant with the wine tasting bar. Hhhmmm... But y'all, I'm not going anywhere near the place to find out. Not anytime soon anyway. My Drawer: Today's Daily Art Thang is a sunset photo I took on my front porch a few days ago. Pretty, yes? We usually have prettier sunsets in the winter here than we do in the summer. "The View from my Front Porch one November Night" (clickable) My Drawer: Come on, everybody, write those stories! Not many entries so far, so your odds are good! If you ever in your life made up an excuse to a parent, teacher, employer, or significant other, you can DO this. :-)