Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poetry Thursday - Ugly Things (A Song)

I like the prompt at Poetry Thursday this week, but it simply hasn't been a week where I could put the time and thought into writing something original for it, so I'll hope to revisit it another time. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep this short today (Hey! You in the back - stop laughing!) and just share a poem that speaks to me. Then I'll get back to my To-Do List that somehow magically seems to keep growing longer despite the fact that I AM doing things on the list and crossing them off! Bah! And also Aaarrggghhh! But I digress. On to the poem. I love the ending. Ugly Things (A Song) In an old worn-out basin I planted violets for you and down by the river with an empty seashell I found you a firefly. In a broken bottle I kept a seashell for you and coiled over that rusty fence the coral snake flowered just for you. Cockroach wing carried to the ant hill: that's how I want them to take me to the cemetery when I die. Garbage dump, garbage dump where nobody wants to look but if the moon comes out your tin cans will shine. If you put a bit of love into ugly things you'll see that your sadness will begin to change color. ~~~Teresita Fernandez (translated by Margaret Randall) DAT: "Changing Color" (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window) To read more Things Poetical, just look for the links here.