Monday, November 07, 2005

Mythical Metamorphosis Deck

and other assorted bonus Stuff! First of all, before I move on to anything else, I want to say thank you to everyone who left comments over the past 3 days. I love getting comments and I usually try to respond to them individually, but since I was away from home all this past weekend I'm behind on pretty much everything, both online and off, so I'm going to take the easy way out and just say a big group thank you right here. (And to Debra, yes, I did spend days looking at everything around me to see what could be potential sets of 5!) I posted a pic of a fiber postcard I found waiting for me yesterday, but that wasn't my only Good Mail. Remember a while back I posted the collage card I did about the Crow Girls for the Mythical Metamorphosis Art Deck? Well the cards have been traded and sent back and my deck was here when I got home. Yay! As always, I had trouble deciding what cards to share here. But I noticed a couple of distinct sub-themes as I was looking through the card and one of those had to do with tree-related myths. So here are four cards I particularly liked, all having something to do with trees and metamorphosis (damn I find that word hard to type and spell!!). "I Am This Tree, You Are This Tree" by Michele M. Martens (this one is clickable if you want to see the cards larger in a new window) Left to right: "Untitled" by Susan Jester (got that one in the scanner a bit crooked...sorry!) "Daphne in Autumn" by Kimberly Smith "Daphne" by Laura Thode About a week ago I posted a photo of a Tarot bag I'd received from my friend Sally Anne in a little private swap we'd arranged. I sent her one (and a wee bonus) in return and now she has photos up on her blog if you want to see the cow bag and chicken bag I made for her. Believe it or not, that wasn't an abrupt change of subject, because she also took part in the Mythical MetamorphoI'mSoTiredOfTypingThisWordsis Deck, so maybe she'll post some photos of her card and/or some she liked from others soon too. And Julie took part in that swap. And KC. Maybe one of them would post pics if you want to see more and you asked nicely. Just a thought...

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