Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Puppies, and Kitties, and Fish! Oh My!

A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about making a baby quilt for my furkids' vet and his wife (well, ok, actually for the baby they're expecting in a couple of months), I promised photos when the quilt was finished. Then I showed a teaser photo for SPT yesterday. So here, as promised are the official AnimalBabyQuilt mug shots. Face forward: Now turn around: I used polar fleece on the back. Very soft and fuzzy. Addendum: I thought I'd say here because a couple of people have asked - No, I didn't piece the back. It's a patchwork-looking polar fleece print. I stalked a pre-teen girl around Wal-Mart's fabric department until she put down the bolt because I thought it was so perfect for this quilt that I HAD to have it. Was that wrong? :-) I haven't given it to them yet, but I will later this week. That means they'll get it before the child it's intended for starts kindergarten! YES! I love it when a plan comes together. Also, yesterday Logan mentioned thinking there might be a cat in the photo I posted for Self-Portrait Tuesday. Yep, there is. I just didn't quite get him all the way in frame in that shot. It's kind of hard to figure out how to frame those "take your own photo using the camera's timer function" shots sometimes! So, here's another little photo (taken from a higher angle and it cut off almost all the quilt....oops! That's why I didn't use it.) that shows EvilDemonKittySky, hanging out with me in one of his favorite spots. That sad, fuzzy, greenish thing draped over the back of the sofa between us is the infamous Jehovah's Witness Scarf that EDKSky is clawing and drooling on nicely, so it's all ready to go if any JW's show up at my door. My hair was getting quite long and shaggy lately, so yesterday I had it trimmed. I think I'll like it ok, although it's always hard to tell until I wash and style it MY way. (That tells you I'm blogging pre-shower, Too much information? Snort!) But yesterday it cracked me up. I looked like I had DreamDate Barbie hair. Well, except for it being bright red instead of platinum blond. And maybe the style I'm thinking of wasn't Barbie, but one of her friends. Francie or Stacy or something maybe? Or maybe I'm thinking of Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" only without the bangs and headband. Anyway, when the stylist was blow-drying it and said "I think I'll flip you out", I - fool that I am - thought she was just referring to the ends of my hair, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe she was referring to the way I'd flip out when I saw my 'do. Not in a bad way, you understand. I don't hate it. But I just found it really funny. I went shopping afterward and spent a lot of time walking around the Super Wal-Mart making head-swingy movements so I could see glimpses of my Flippy-do and giggle. So if anyone in Northeastern Kentucky was in a certain Wal-Mart on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and saw this woman: wandering the aisles doing a lot of head-tossing and quiet, yeah....that was just me. Easily amused, remember? Nothing to see here. Move along. Didn't the baby quilt turn out cute though? {smile}