Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dreams by the Fire

I've mentioned before that I collect Tarot decks and my particular favorites are limited edition artist-published decks. Well, I've really been very good lately and haven't bought any for a while, but this week one I pre-ordered some time back finally arrived and it was SO worth the wait! It's the Full Moon Dreams Tarot, created and published by Lunaea Weatherstone. Look at the beautiful presentation: Postcard, booklet, and lovely bag to hold the cards, all of which arrived carefully wrapped in the sun, moon, and stars tissue paper. And here is a small photo of three cards I particularly liked, although I could have pulled nearly any three out blindfolded because the deck is just gorgeous! Hanged Man, Ace of Water (Cups), Guardian (Knight) of Earth If you want to see more images, just follow the link to Lunaea's website. And also on the Tarot front, check out this bag that just arrived from my friend Sally Anne: It's even more beautiful in person. It has a soft sheen to it that's hard to capture with the camera. The shiny stuff behind the bag is what it was wrapped in. Cool, yes? Here it is open, so you can see the lining. I haven't decided yet which deck will live in the bag, but I was testing my Secret Forest deck because the bag color looks so mossy to me. I also wanted to share a fire with you. (Deb pauses while everyone says "share a FIRE...huh?") Thursday night it was cold, damp, and windy and J built a roaring fire in the fireplace. At one point when he'd just added a couple more logs, the coals were so glowy at the bottom and it all looked so warm and cozy that I just had to snap a photo to share. A fire to warm you up on a cold October night, taken from my favorite perch on the corner of the sofa. And to contrast with the fire, here's one of our final roses of the season, picked by J yesterday (hey, that rhymes!) as a happy surprise for me and displayed in one of my cobalt vases, between a couple of framed fabric postcards by Lauren Fureymore and Liz Berg. The bush this is from was a birthday gift from my friend Morven a few years ago and it lives near the corner of our front porch. I can never remember the real name of the rose. To J and me it's always The Morven Rose.

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