Monday, October 24, 2005

What Flower am I? And More Book Stuff

This morning I had to make a run in to the hospital lab for some bloodwork and have been feeling a wee bit puny ever since, so I'm going to fall back on a lame-o quiz today. I think I first saw this one on Gabrielle's blog.
You Are a Daisy
You see the world with an artist's eye. Finding beauty is easy for you - even in the dullest of moments. You notice all of the colors of the world, from fresh grass to sunsets. You are a total optimist and hedonist. You love to drink life in.
Also, back to yesterday's topic of books for a moment, I have to tell you about a couple of things regarding the book I just finished. It was Dean Koontz's "Frankenstein: City of Night", which is the second book in a trilogy, and I can't believe I was stupid enough to read the first two books when I KNOW the third one isn't due out until summer of 2006, by which time I will have forgotten everything I knew about books 1 & 2 and will have to start over. Sigh. And it's totally my own fault this time. This is NOT one of those "hidden trilogy" things I've been known to rant about. They tell you right there on the cover that it's a three-parter. Dumb, Deb....dumb. Anyway, my temporary madness aside, there was a scene in this book where two characters were talking about things that scared them as children and one of them mentioned the Snuggle bear, mascot of Snuggle fabric softener. TOO FUNNY! I was sitting there, late at night, all caught up in this very tense story and then found myself literally giggling out loud because Me TOOOOO! Oh my Gawd!! That damn bear totally creeps me out. I have to mute the TV when he comes on. No one and nothing is THAT sweet unless he's hiding some major evil inside. Fangs? Claws? An Evil Eye? I dunno, what exactly, but that bear is Not Right. [shudder] Then I went to the Dean Koontz website to see if it listed an actual release date for book three of the series and Mr. Koontz was saying that the third installment was taking longer to finish than the first two had (of course!) since he collaborated on the first two, but has since discovered the following about himself: "I am not a good collaborator. This is not as terrible a thing as being a serial killer or a mime, but I'm sorry to have discovered this about myself." So he's writing the third book alone. A serial killer or a MIME! Bwahahahahahaaaa!! Is it any wonder I love this man's writing so much? It's going to be a long wait until July to see how the story ends.

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