Saturday, November 05, 2005

In Which I Go Into Raptures Over The Beauty Of A Kentucky Autumn

and force you all to look at forty-gazillion photos of leaves and things. HEY!! Come back here! There's only SEVEN photos, honest!! For those of you who are still with me... Take a look at a view I LOVE, but can never, ever quite capture on film (or digital files) exactly the way I see it with my eyes. It's what I see as our driveway curves around and starts to drop over the hillside and I particularly love it this time of year when the rusty barn roof looks so perfect with the colors of the leaves. This photo is clickable if you want to see it larger, although the other photos in this post aren't. As we keep walking over the hill, there's a cedar tree that's loaded with berries and it sits right next to a small oak with beautiful leaves. Just on the other side of that, looking back the direction we came, is a dogwood tree that's loaded with berries this year too. Here's a close-up. Down by the lower pond is an old wooden bench J placed at the edge of the woods for when we just want to sit, and look, and think. And take a look at the collage Ma Nature created just behind the bench. Is she an artist or what! Back at the house again, there's a tree I can see just off the back deck that I think has lovely branches. I did this one in black and white because it's all about the form, not the color. Now see, wasn't that nice? (For anyone who lives close enough by to wonder, maybe I should mention I actually snapped these photos about a week ago, but am just now getting around to posting them. The wind and rain have made a LOT of these leaves go bye-bye now.)