Sunday, October 09, 2005

National Pet Peeve Week

Today marks the beginning of National Pet Peeve Week in the US. Evidently we have so many pet peeves that a holiday couldn't do it - we had to have a holiweek! Isn't that exciting?? Hey, wait! What do you mean "my pet peeve is stupid, meaningless, made-up holidays"?? Party pooper. In celebration of this oh-so-important, here is my Pet Peeve of the day: I am annoyed that the Lexington Herald Leader stopped having anyone deliver newspapers to our tiny rural community, which means that if I want my Sunday newspaper fix (which I do!), I have to drive 10 miles each way to the county seat to get to the nearest paper box. For years, we could buy Lex papers at the little local mom-n-pop store a couple of miles away, but a few months ago *poof!* more paper box! I'd gladly pay for home delivery, but they don't do that here either, unless I want it sent through the mail. And since the US postal service doesn't deliver on Sunday, that would kind of defeat the purpose, yes? Yes. In what will seem at first like a total change of subject, but will actually tie right in to the whole NPPW thing, here's the results (with my comments in italics) of a quiz I took a while back on
Deb, you're a Poet!

You are complex and artistic with a rich inner life. (Ya think? Heh.)

Chances are you're a bit shy and quiet (uuuuhhh....), and you enjoy peaceful, comfortable environments (True!).

You're an interesting person to know (thank you!), full of insights and inspiration (aaawwww...:::Blush:::), even though you're sometimes hesitant to express them (Uh, yeah, I really need to work on that self-expression thing. Snort!). You enjoy intense one-on-ones or small, intimate dinner parties (Very true! I vastly prefer one-on-one time or small groups to large parties).

You don't always make friends easily (Perhaps surprisingly to some people, I think this is true. I make friendly acquaintances easily. True friends? Takes a bit more work!) and you relish the ones you have (Yep. When they let me, that is. But you'd be surprised how many people don't LIKE having relish on them!).

You don't like to juggle too much at work and can get stressed out by major job upheavals(Yep! Not that I have a paying job at the moment, but still, going by past experience, this one is true).

Now, what does that have to do with Pet Peeves? Well, I'll tell ya! I like the quizzes at that website. They have some interesting ones. But they require you to register in order to take them, and when they send you the results, they always include "special offers" for other services. How annoying! If you want to offer free quizzes, TicklePeople, then offer FREE quizzes, not "give us your email and let us annoy you with junk mail" quizzes. Find another way to pay for your website! 'Cause this one is just plain annoying. (If any of you reading RSR decide to follow the link above and do any of their quizzes, you've been warned! Give them a junk mail addy, not your "real" one, or else make sure you have a really stellar spam filter in place.)