Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Please Let It Be True!

Time for Hor-O-Scopes by Crazy Aunt Purl again! I love her horoscopes. As I told her in comments, even when she delivers bad news, she does it in a very encouraging way instead of in the scary doom-and-gloom way some folks do. I LIKE my bad news delivered with a rosy, filtered glow, thank you very much. But unlike last month, this month is a Good News month for me in Hor-O-Scope land! Yay!! Here's what Crazy Aunt Purl (aka Laurie) had to say about Pisces, which is my sun sign (plus I have a planet or two hanging out there):
PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) My cousin Angie worked on a chicken farm for waaaaay too many years. And she told me many chicken stories, all of which were too boring and gross to repeat here. Anyway, she worked at ye olde feather palace for one reason: MONEY. Needless to say, Angie is not a Pisces. You Pisces are way too artsy and creative to take a job JUST for the money, it hurts your little heart too much. The past few months have been kind of on the lean side, financially speaking, but the planets and stars are now aligning in the House of Dead Presidents and October is Pisces' month for green. Green! No chickens will be involved, either. You can take that to the bank and smoke it.
I really must pause for a moment to say "Yay!!". Because she's soSO right about the money thing. It has been lean around here lately. Gaunt, even. Dare I say downright anorexic? That was the reason for me hanging out in hell for a couple of days last month. That's the reason I've dusted off and updated my resume and have been haunting the want ads in more-or-less local papers and online, hoping to find some way to bring in some extra Dead Presidents that won't shrivel my soul into a teeny-tiny hard black rock inside and make me think longing thoughts about deadly weapons. So if someone wants to tell me that's about to get better, I'll TAKE that. I'm an optimist. I LIKE hope! I have an Aquarius ascendant and a bunch of planets in Aquarius, and I have a Cancer moon, so I always check out the Hor-O-Scopes for those signs too and, unlike last month, this month is looking stellar (geddit, geddit? snort!) for all three signs. So again...Yay!! Here's hoping that Crazy Aunt Purl is crazy like a fox! C'mon Universe, bring on the Good Stuff!! And in Other News... I made a first attempt at doing something with my Simple Still Life for October yesterday. If people around the world heard a really loud, obnoxious, groaning sort of slurpy sound around 3 PM EDT yesterday, that would have been the Distinct Sound of Rock Suckage coming from my studio immediately before I destroyed the abomination I'd just created. No, I didn't take pictures. Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see them anyway. I am currently formulating Plan B. Stay tuned...