Saturday, October 01, 2005

Heads Up For Hands On

Take a look at an email I got yesterday:
Hi, Deb (or should I call you "Mrs. Clean?") We're contacting "domestic goddesses" and the like to let them know that Mr. Clean is sponsoring a charity drive and we wondered if you'd like to blog about it. How it works is that for every person that visits this site Home Made Simple: Mr. Clean Eraser and submits an idea about how they use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Mr. Clean will donate $1 to the Hands On Network, a growing charity that helps volunteers keep communities clean. Some of its affiliates are working on Katrina-related projects right now. Hands On Network Thanks for your time. Charlie Kondek
I took a look at the website and while I didn't have any new hints to contribute myself because, you know, not so big on the house cleaning thing here, I think it sounds like a good idea. They're not asking for money, just new ideas of how to use the Mr. Clean eraser, and if you've got 'em, the folks at P&G will make a donation. I like the Mr. Clean eraser, but the stuff I do with it is pretty ordinary - getting smudges off walls and so on. So I'll post this in the hopes that some of you are better housekeepers than I am and will have some great ideas you can post to help raise money for the Hands On Network.