Saturday, September 24, 2005

Of Shoes, and Shoes, and Shoes, and Music

LookyLooky at the two cards I got in the mail yesterday afternoon! This one is from Adrienne: "Gloria DeHaven Wearing Cowgirl Costume, 1954" And this one is from Julie: "Shoe Fetish Queen" by Robert Shields Aren't they great?? Thanks, guys! :-) The more I looked though, the more I thought the Shoe Fetish Queen really NEEDED red hair. Plus, I wouldn't be caught dead in bubble-gum pink pants. And I'd like the boots better if they were red. Sooooo.... "Shoe Fetish Queen Debified" There, isn't that better? :-)) (I can just picture my brother-in-law [Hi, Andy!] reading this and saying "She has way too much time on her hands".) Speaking of shoes, check these out: Icon Quilted Clog. Aren't they fabulous?? Not something my budget will stretch to, unfortunately, but if I win the lotto or something, I'm buying a pair! (Thanks to MavJanis for the link!) Music Mess Clean-up Finally, since I spent so much time whining about it earlier in the week, I just wanted to tell everyone that I got my music download saga straightened out, FINALLY. Still not happy with the way the process of fixing things was handled, but at least it turned out right in the end and I'm not feeling ripped off anymore. So Yay! Now I can listen to music from Rock Star: INXS while I work in the studio! Once I start actually, well, WORKING in the studio again. Heh.