Monday, September 19, 2005

PNQE Photo and Music Mess Update

My friend MavMarie was nice enough to stand in as my Quilt Stunt Double at the PNQE show this weekend. Take a look: Marie with my "Queen of Cups II" quilt. Doesn't she look pretty in pink? Thanks, Marie! Music Saga Update I've gotten a couple of notes about my music download woes and I appreciate the advice and commiseration, especially since I'm still only getting generic form emails back from msn. So far none of the suggestions have worked, but keep 'em coming! I'd still love to have a CD of the songs I paid for and downloaded. In the meantime, I scoured the web yesterday to see if I could find freebie downloads of any of them. I figured (correctly) that the sound quality probably wouldn't be as good, but at least they wouldn't be write-protected. I found all but six of the songs I had purchased, so I do have a Rock Star: INXS compilation CD of sorts now (yay!), albeit not the one I originally had in mind and paid for (boo!). I watched the behind-the-scenes show on VH1 last night and I think if Andrew had the final say, the new lead singer for INXS would be either Marty or MiG. He seemed less than impressed with JD's preparation for the song-writing exercise. And he was definitely unimpressed with JD's lack of preparation for the studio session a few weeks ago. But I dunno...Tim seems to think JD can do little or no wrong and Tim seems very much like Alpha Dog of the group to me. So I still think JD has a better-than-even shot to win this thing. Dammit.