Monday, September 12, 2005

Are We Sensing a Theme Here?

I took this quiz a week or two ago and just hadn't posted the results yet: Your Blog Should Be Yellow
You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh. You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link. You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.
Does the image on the quiz result remind anyone of anything? Then after seeing Gabrielle and several others do it, I took this quiz: The Sun Card You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun allows you to play and feel free. Exploration can truly take place in the light of day when nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with energy so that you may live life to its fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such joy and energy can bring wealth and physical pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee Postman Which Tarot Card Are You? brought to you by Quizilla Hhhmmm...I would never have pegged myself as the Sun card. I like the Sun card, but am just surprised at the result. They picked an odd version of it though for their illustration. I like my version better. Suddenly I feel like I should be singing "I'm walking on sunshine...."

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