Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good Mail and Bad Rock Star News

(Usual INXS spoiler warnings apply for the latter part of this post. If you haven't seen the elimination show yet and don't want to know what happens, go away until you watch it.) New Postcard! Got a really lovely postcard from Liz yesterday, done mostly with sheer layers, but with some very texture-y bits for contrast. I ended up scanning it instead of photographing it and it shows it a little more accurately, but it's one of those things that's just very difficult to get right on a computer screen. It looks even more complex and lovely in person. "Debris" by Liz Plummer Thanks Liz!! Speaking of postcards, I'm mailing mine out today. Yay! And More Good Mail! Take a look at what I got from my friend Sally Anne: Footnotes! In a lime green flip-flop!! Isn't that just too funny? Thanks Sally Anne! Rock Star: INXS Stuff I am displeased. I am unhappy. We are not amused. We are so distressed we have begun speaking of ourselves in the third person. We will stop that now. Damn. I just love Suzie. I know all along most of you other fans were saying INXS would neverever choose a woman to front them, but I kept hoping they'd have balls enough to overlook minor handicaps like a lack of male genitalia and choose the person that they themselves ADMITTED on several occasions had the best voice of the entire group! Sheesh! But no. And they couldn't even keep her around one more show so she could get the car, dammit. Speaking of...I thought it was really mean of the producers to show the car THIS week, so that the person who was eliminated would have that extra knife in the wound of not only not getting the job, but also JUST missing the bonus prize. I mean, I know if they'd waited until next week to show it, Suzie would still know she'd just missed getting one, but at least they wouldn't have gotten her hopes up that one extra notch before they tossed her ass out. I also wasn't pleased with INXS's good-bye to her. When they let Jordis go, they were very supportive about how much they admired her voice and hoped she could turn this opportunity into a solo career, while they said almost nothing about that to Suzie and I think they SHOULD HAVE, dammit. Suzie ROCKS! I hope they did better by her when she went over to say her private good-byes. So now what? Well now I'm going to think of anyone they choose as somewhat second-rate, frankly. I hold grudges that way. But since I didn't get a choice in it, I'd be fine with them choosing either MiG or Marty. I personally prefer MiG's voice, even if he tends to be just a bit on the soft pop side sometimes. But Marty has a very cool rock star-ish sort of style to him and I think he'd do fine with the rest of the band ragging on him to hold down on the "screaming angry Marty" persona. I still think JD is a talented-but-immature asshole. And I think that's who they're going to choose. Sigh.

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