Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Self-portrait Tuesday, Part two

Another Tuesday, another self-portrait, and this is the final week for the September theme of "Body Parts". This week was hard. I wanted to do something a bit arty and abstract and maybe darker (thematically, that is) than what I did last week. But you know what I discovered? I don't really DO darkly arty. (Pause while all my friends say "duh!") Everything I tried looked very self-conscious and contrived. Bleah. So yesterday evening when I was taking my daily walk, I took the camera along, hoping for inspiration. It was around 7 PM and the sun was low in the sky and I suddenly thought of how it used to fascinate me when I was a child to hold my hand up to the sun and the edges of my hand would go all pink and glowy and it would seem like I could almost see through the skin to the bones. When I had that thought, I whipped out the camera, held up one hand, and snapped off this shot: I like it. It isn't great art, but it's very me. By the way, thank you to everyone who commented about the postcard lesson yesterday! I'm going to pass on individual replies this time around because I'd basically just be saying "thanks for the nice comment" over and over, so here's a big group "Thanks for the nice comment!". :-)