Sunday, September 25, 2005

Postcard Mania!

This arrived yesterday from Arlee: "Dances With Fish In The Mountains" Thanks Arlee, it's wonderful!! And since all the ones I sent have now arrived at their destinations, I'll share some photos of my own. I based my postcard series on a quilt I finished recently, "Eyes of the Sun 2: Solar Flares". I used leftover bits from that quilt to create the postcards and they were done in sets of 4, so that they're almost like a puzzle, with 4 postcards each making up a piece of a complete sun motif. "Sunspots" postcards, set 1 "Sunspots" postcards, set 2 "Sunspots" postcards, set 3 close-up of one card Special note to Elena, who asked in comments about how to make a fabric postcard - I haven't forgotten! I'm working on an answer for you, but I want to include pictures because, you know..."worth a thousand words".