Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday on Wednesday: Documenting a Walk

Ok, I admit it. I forgot to take pics for Self-Portrait Tuesday until I saw some on Gabrielle's blog. So I took some photos yesterday and am posting them today. Close enough! The theme this month is "self documentary". We're supposed to post a series of three or more photos showing a sequence of events out of our day. The word "gritty" was mentioned, but you know what? I'm not much better at "gritty" than I am at "darkly arty". But that's ok. I am who I am and here is my first self-documentary series: Anatomy of a Walk We start out in the evening, after supper. The first stop is the Upper Pond, to feed the fish - blue gill, bass, and catfish. See the fish food floating on the surface of the water? Riley is my closest four-legged walking companion. Riley and Mac just ahead. One of my favorite views on our place. Not a great pic though. It's getting darker fast. There's the Lower Pond, just ahead. That's our usual turn-around point. Riley and me, just across from the Lower Pond. Mac is up the hill a bit. Heading back up the hill. (This was a very weird shot to take. Good thing I have long-ish arms.) Almost home.