Monday, October 10, 2005

Confessions of a TV Addict (with Bonus Pet Peeve!)

First Debra did it. Then Deborah did it. So you KNOW I have to do it too. Can't let down the Debutante team! So here you have it - the confessions of a TV addict. So far, I pretty much confine the addiction to the evening hours. Unless J is home and turns on a ballgame or some old western, it's extremely rare for my TV to be on before 8 PM. But after 8 PM, all bets are off. I have my ass on the couch gazing toward the glowy, shiny box for anywhere from one to three hours nearly every night. I read during commercials. And I knit bad scarves as I watch. So I convince myself I'm not totally wasting time and turning my brain to mush. Tralalaaa! The past few weeks, as the new season of fall shows have started, here's what the TV viewing week looks like on Gobbler Knob (With commentary, of course, because when do I ever shut up?? That was a rhetorical question.): Sunday: Desperate Housewives; Grey's Anatomy - started watching both of these last season and I'm still enjoying them both very much. I will also sometimes watch Cold Case if a ballgame hasn't made it run over its time slot, but I skip it if the ending will run into DHW. Monday: Medium - I find almost every single character on this show to be annoying, but I watch it anyway because I find paranormal stuff fascinating. This season has been particularly weird so far. Cool. I've also been trying How I Met Your Mother and Out of Practice, but so far I'm not terribly impressed with either and don't know how long I'll stick with them. I think the premise of the former would have made a really cool movie, but I don't think it has enough substance to remain interesting week after week. And they're SO not utilizing Alyson Hannigan to her full potential. She was sheer genius as Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she might as well be phoning this one in. Tuesday: NCIS - I'm still not happy about them killing off Kate (Cate? Kait? Cait??? whatever!), but hey, they still have Mark Harmon. Yum! And I get a kick out of David McCallum. I had a HUGE crush on Ilya when I was a little girl, y'know. I even blogged about it once. The Amazing Race - NOT impressed with this family edition thing, but so far I'm still hanging in there. I wish they'd get these people out of the US, ferpetessake! Part of the appeal of the show is seeing everyone figure out how to navigate around other countries and customs and so far we're seeing what....a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania? A battlefield site in Virginia? Puh-leeeeze. And if this was playing out in live time instead of having been previously taped, I would gladly pitch in a few bucks with any other viewers to pay that annoying, bickering NJ family to Go HOME! Like Debra, I wish they'd bring back The Mole. I loved that show. Wednesday: Lost - Not as into it as I was last season, but still enjoying it. The first couple of weeks of the new season I was watching The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, but when they moved it opposite Lost, they Lost me. (pun intended...hardeehar!) Sorry, Martha. I admire your moxy, but your handwritten No Thank You Notes, can't compete with the chance that Sayid might take off his shirt. Thursday: Survivor: Guatemala - Yeah, I know. Survivor's getting a little old, a little tired, but so far I'm still watching. Every time a new one comes along I think I might give it a pass, and every time they manage to come up with something that hooks my interest. This time around it's the fact that one of the contestants (Cindy) grew up about 20 miles from here, so I'm enjoying rooting for the hometown girl. Night Stalker - Fascinated by the paranormal, remember? And I loved that cheesy old Darrin McGavin show back in the '70's. I hear the ratings on this one are horrid, so I probably won't be around long, but I'll indulge myself while it is. ER - Like Survivor, I sometimes wonder why I still watch this after all these years, but just can't quite tear myself away. I wish the writers would let the gorgeous Luca stop being such a loser. Friday: Ghost Whisperer - Paranormal! I actually like this one so far. Although I think whoever does Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair should be punished. What is WITH those bangs??? What Not To Wear - Love watching the snark. Love snarking about the show itself. Too fun. Saturday: Nothing. Saturday night is a vast wasteland of crappola on TV if you don't subscribe to the premium channels (which I don't). So Saturday nights at home usually mean either reading or popping in a DVD. And there's my week in a nutshell. Ok, a rather large nutshell. Like a huge, radioactive, mutant walnut shell, but still. And since it's Day 2 of National Pet Peeve Week, I will share with you my Pet Peeve of the Day: I hate the way TV shows suck you in by showing very few commercials during the first half of a show, or when a show is new and doesn't have much of an audience yet, and then the ads get more and more and MORE frequent as time goes on. I understand the economic reasoning. But that doesn't stop me from saying Bad Words as I hit my mute button for the gazillionth time between 8:30 and 11:00 PM. One of these days I really MUST get TiVo.

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