Wednesday, August 02, 2006

T is for...

Time for another WordPlay Personal Dictionary Entry! If you want to know more about how and why I started doing this series of posts, read my "A is for..." entry. If you want to see a list of more people doing the same thing, check out Laume's WordPlay site. Now here we go... T is for... Travel - Something I love to do! Ok, admittedly there can be a lot of inconveniences, so I may not like every last thing about it, but I love getting away from my routine for a while and seeing and doing new things, especially if the seeing and doing new things involve staying places with maid service and eating places where someone else does the cooking. Tulips, Thyme, Tansy - T-plants I like. Tacos, Tostadas, Tamales, Tortilla chips, Tomatoes - T-foods I like. (There seems to be a theme there, doesn't there!) Tea - T-drink I like. I drink coffee more often than I drink tea, but I really like tea too, either hot or iced. Turbinado - My favorite way to sweeten hot tea. Thunderstorms - I love to watch them, as long as they don't get too close. Tansy (Tansy Marie; aka: TansyBug, Swee'Pea, Little One, FatCat, Tanzania, Golden Girl) - The oldest of our current dogs. She's a Golden Retriever mix and very laid back and sweet. She was named after both the plant (see above) and one of the main characters in a book I love called "Conjure Wife" by Fritz Leiber. Tiger - The name of the first cat I ever had when I was a little girl. Also my sign in Chinese astrology. Supposedly it means I'm bright, affectionate, resilient, fearless, a visionary, and stubborn. Trixie (Belden) - One of my favorite YA fictional characters. I wanted to be Trixie when I was a kid. Teacher - The job formerly held by several members of my extended family and a job I considered myself for a while, years ago. TV - Something I probably watch to much of these days, although J and I once went without TV for several years. Transformation - A theme I find fascinating in fiction or in life. Tiara - Something every woman should have, just for fun. Thread - An essential supply in quiltmaking and a way to add some variety and fun to a quilt. Tongue Twisters - I'm good at saying them. Thumb - Mine will move into freakish positions. It's a gift. Heh. Tarot - Something I've studied a bit (on my own, not formally). I collect Tarot decks because I love the artwork, and I designed a Major Arcana collage deck just for fun and for the learning experience. Temper - Thankfully, I don't have a very bad temper. That's a Good Thing because when I lose my temper I become stupid. I'm frequently moody, irritable, snarky, and/or bitchy, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about when I have a Full Mad on. You know those Too Stupid To Live characters in books and movies - the ones who make us groan and roll our eyes when they gasp indignantly "It's you! You're the killer! You'll never get away with it!" while waving their finger in the PsychoNutJob's face right before he chops off their head with the dripping axe - you know that character? Yeah. I'm sorry to say I could BE that character when I truly lose my temper because I apparently misplace about 50 IQ points at the same time. So not losing my temper very often is an essential survival skill. Taboo - One of my favorite word games. Tim (Powers) - Love his books! (Especially "The Anubis Gates." That one would be way up high on my list of favorite-ever books.) Tanya (Huff) - Love her books too! Time Travel - A topic that fascinates me. Towel - Something no hitchhiker through the universe should be without. Trees - They make me happy. My favorites are oaks and willows. I've always wanted my own treehouse. Twisty, Titillate, Torrid, Transcendent, Tantalizing - T-words I like. "T is for..." (clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

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