Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SPC: Enclosed Spaces, Week 1

Yep, you read the title right. This month over at Self-Portrait Challenge, the theme is Enclosed Spaces. The guidelines say we're to "Use an enclosed environment,‚ a space that has the confines and restrictions of the photo-booth." I just have to say (yes, I do, I HAVE to say it!) this isn't a theme to bring joy to the heart of a woman who is middle-aged, overweight, and a bit claustrophobic. But I'm going to try to restrict my whining to that one brief sentence and then shut up about it and do the best I can. After all, I LOVED the past two challenge themes with a fiery burning passion and I know some other participants didn't, so I can't very well complain too much if this week brings one that's troublesome for me and probably wonderful for others. I'm just going to have to tap into my inner Creative Clones and do my best. For this first entry, I kept it pretty basic - I crawled under my sewing table, into the corner where it meets the cutting table and held out my arm and took some photos. Damn, there's not much room under there! I was sort of half-sitting and half-lying down with my knees bent and my neck pulled down into my shoulders like a turtle. My ass immediately started to go numb and I was having trouble figuring out where to hold the camera. Yeah....I definitely need to get more creative with this theme before I start wondering why I'm doing it. Oops. I think that paragraph started sliding back into Whinesylvania. Ok, I'll shut up and show the photo now. "Let Me Outta Here!" PS....I sewed a little yesterday! Tralalaaaaa!

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