Thursday, January 19, 2006

Flashback at the Mongolian Grill

Remember last month when we were talking about 80's hair and fashion? And remember how I said I'd heard that look might be on its way back in but that I deeply, fervently hoped it wasn't true? Well, heads up, kiddies. It's baaaa-aaaack. At least if what I saw yesterday is any indication it is. I was out running errands - nothing special, grocery shopping and so-on and so-boring-forth, and stopped for lunch - Mongolian grill place...yum! And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Naw, not a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, that was LAST month. What I saw was a teenage girl (I'm guessing 15 or so, but I could be off by a couple of years either direction) and it was like a flashback to the era of Madonna: The "Desperately Seeking Susan" Years. Starting at the bottom and working our way up, she was wearing bubblegum pink Converse hightops, sans laces, with slouchy socks; white leggings which were probably Capri-length but were pushed up to sort of wrinkle around her knees and end just below them; and the leggings were topped by a floofy-swirly black skirt with a dropped yoke, in what looked like a t-shirt knit. She'd layered two tank tops, one pink, one white, and topped those with a black hoody. And finally her hair - and she had a LOT of hair - was either quite naturally curly or (and this is MY bet) she was sporting a spiral perm. Yes, you read that correctly. Spiral. Perm. You could tell she totally thought she was HOT. Hell, maybe she was. What do I know? I'm obviously ancient. I SO wanted to snap her pic to share with you all. I even had my camera with me! But I suspect that taking photos of teenage girls who are strangers to you and posting them on the internet is the sort of thing that could earn one a stay at a facility where one would develop a close personal friendship with a large woman named Helga. I generally prefer other ways of making friends, so I didn't do it. But wait!! I DID draw her when I got home. Well, ok, not HER exactly because a) I was too busy staring at her outfit and having flashbacks to my days of drinking frozen strawberry margaritas (yes, I was THAT lame...shut up!) and dancing to INXS songs to pay much attention to her face and b) if I made it LOOK like her I might as well have just used the damn camera. So while the face is simply "generic young girl", the hair and outfit are exactly what I saw. "Flashback" I'm currently making plans to be out of style for a while. How about you?