Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Project Runway: The Skating Challenge

Usual Spoiler Warnings, etc. * * * * * * * * * * First of all I have to say, did you notice the big X shape across the bodice of the costume Santino designed?? HELLO. I predicted that. HA! The back though, was worse than anything I could have imagined. That was supposed to represent fire? Really? It looked like it represented a bird who fell through a paper shredder. I know, I know...Eeeeuuuwwww. But come on, tell me I'm wrong. It was a shame because I almost - ALMOST - liked the front. But again this week, like at least two other weeks in the past I think Santino squeaked by because he makes for interesting TV. This is at least the third time that the final two designs have included one design with little or no imagination or innovation, and one that is so far over-the-top that it looks like a really bad theatrical costume. And rather than consistently going with either the "too boring" or "too theatrical" every time, the judges (and producers!) seem to choose by dumping the designer who makes less waves. Lemme tell ya, if I was a contestant on that show (which I have NO desire to be!) I would release my Inner Diva from Day 1 and make Waaaaves. Tsunamis, baby! It seems to be the Way to Stay! Poor Emmett. His design WAS both boring and ugly, just like the judges said, so I can't say it's wrong that he's gone, but I still feel sorry for him. No one - NO ONE - should have to experience being "fired" while wearing a hot pink, poofy-sleeved, stretch satin body suit. {shudder} I really think the producers should be required to pay for a few months of therapy for the poor guy. Or at least a nice massage or something. ByeBye, Emmett. I lovedLovedLOVED Chloe's dress. I loved the color, I loved the flow, I loved the girliness of it. I loved that it was different from the typical skating costume shape, but still had wonderful lightness and movement. Of course that means I jinxed her. The designs I like best have come in second almost every week. Ppppfffttt. And I did get the thing that Sasha C. wasn't sure the shape would flatter her figure. But still, Chloe would've had my vote to win. That being said, I really loved Zulema's winning dress too. It was sexy, it was elegant, it was "princess-y". The basic shape was much more standard-skate-costume than Chloe's design, but the detailing was original and lovely and I could picture it being very flattering on Ms. C. I wasn't surprised when she chose it. So congrats to Zulema! I loved Nick's design too. No surprise there. I've been rooting for Nick and Chloe for spots number 1 and 2 in the finals practically from day one. I think if they'd still been keeping six designers on the runway instead of five he might have been there to round out the top three. The shape was just lovely. I didn't like his color scheme quite as much as some of the others, but that was my only quibble. And speaking of color, what was UP with that gawd-awful burgundy shiny stuff that Daniel V used?? I usually love Daniel V's designs too. I want to see either Daniel or Andrae (not sure which yet) as the other person in the final three, but I didn't like this design at ALL. In fact I, personally, disliked his more than Kara's design. I didn't mind Kara's. I didn't mind Andrae's. For me, those two were the middle-of-the-pack tonight, and for similar reasons. I thought they both looked a bit too "Vegas show girl". Not hideous, but not particularly flattering or original. Which, frankly, is where I put Kara's designs most of the time. I think they are adequate. (yawn) And next week we get what? Not a lot of hints about the topic of the challenge itself, really (or if there were they weren't exciting enough for me to remember them as I'm typing this 30 minutes later...heh), but evidently some tough talk from Tim and a reappearance of PR1's Jay as a judge? Ooooohhh...can't wait!