Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Project Runway Weekly Dish Session

Usual Spoiler Warnings Apply, yada, yada, yada.... I'm sorry to say I found tonight's episode a wee bit dull. When I saw the previews last week, including a glimpse of Kara's meltdown and Diana and Marla essentially going "what do you think?", "uuhh, I dunno, what do you think?", "uuhh, I dunno", etc. I was expecting some excitement, but in the end...not so much. I'm not sorry to see Daniel and Andrae win. They worked well together and the gave the client what they wanted. Their dress wasn't my personal favorite, but then it didn't need to be because I'm not Banana Republic's target market - not even close! So yay for them for listening and following through! I think they deserved the win. I loved Emmitt and Chloe's effort, both the outfit and their window design. I get why they came in second, but based on what I liked best rather than who best followed the rules of the challenge, they'd have been my pick to win. So I'm glad they were at least first runner up. Much to my shock!!...I liked Kara and Zulema's dress, if they just hadn't put that bizarre vest thing on top. Oh well, based on what they started with it's a wonder they got anything done in time. And their first dress attempt?? Oh. My. Gawd. I just...I...I...I have no response to that. Santino should be strung up by his beard hairs and beat with pinking shears until he learns some basic courtesy and consideration. Geeeeze. He's so sure he's Mr. Fashion God and that anything he does has to be the best. I'm all for self-confidence. Really, I am. But that man has delusions. He's rude to absolutely everyone from fellow contestants to judges and I'm tired of it. I felt sorry for Nick and hope if they do any more team challenges that he'll run away from Santino as fast as his little legs can carry him!! I would have liked to have seen Nick stand up to Santino a bit more, but realistically, Santino being Santino, they'd never have finished on time if he'd fought for any more control than he did. I regret that Nick didn't team up with his first choice of Chloe. I'd love to see what those two would have come up with together! And what can we say about Diana and Marla? That was just plain sad - both the outfit and that bizarre window design. The outcome was pretty much inevitable. I'd like to hope Diana will do something with her designs as she matures. I think she has talent, but just not nearly enough experience yet. Marla? Well, I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean, but the less said about Marla, the better. So I'll shut up now. Next week's challenge: looks like they're going to design a figure skating costume?? Holy sparklin' sequins, Batman!