Saturday, April 22, 2006

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #14

1. Why does my brain always want to add an "e" to the end of the word "random" when I type it??? (Rhetorical question. Even I can't explain my brain.) 2. Check out the cartoon my friend Jaye sent me in a card yesterday: (Hopefully you can read it, but in case you can't, the caption says "Deb had always said you could never have too many shoes. Actually, she was wrong.") Bwahahahahaaa!!! Thanks, Jaye, that was great! 3. I'm making progress on the quilt front, but not as much progress as I'd hoped and I'm feeling less optimistic today about meeting the HV postmark deadline than I did yesterday. BUT, I'm not going to stress about it. If I miss that deadline, I can enter it in either IQA Houston (where I have a really crappy acceptance record, but it's hard to resist trying for the largest show around!) or PIQF (a venue I really like and where I have a great acceptance record). So it's not like I'm wasting my time or anything. I'll try getting it shown somewhere! (Assuming it turns out looking Not Crappy in the end, that is!) The thing is, I ran into a snag yesterday when something I thought would work kinda turned out to NOT. I spent a lot of the day with a hunk o' stuff on the design wall, trying this and that and not getting anywhere. But I woke up this morning with A Thought! I think I may have done the problem-solving-in-my-sleep thing last night (I love when that happens!). Stay tuned and I'll let you know if the DreamIdea works out. 4. Remember a few months ago when we were talking about the possible return of '80's fashion and everyone-but-Cate was groaning about it? Well, time to groan some more, kids. (Or in Cate's case to Happy Dance!) Did you see the post about SkinnyJeans on BlogHer yesterday? If not, it's worth a quick read - it's short. Go ahead, I'll wait. Are you back? Good! You know what's happening? They're flipping the triangle, that's what. Think about it. For the past few years we've had hairstyles that are pretty close to the head on top with messy, flippy-out-y tips. We've had skimpy, close-fitting tops and mid- to low-rise wide-leg jeans and often chunky shoes. Put it all together and it makes a silhouette like a stable triangle, with a wide base and a pointy top. Now they're talking about the return of super-skinny-leg jeans (and even...gasp!...leggings! Oh gawd, please NO!), topped with long, oversized tunic tops and Big Hair. Just add shoulder pads and earrings the size of dessert plates and you have the '80's all over again. And what you also have is a triangle that's been flipped on its head and is balancing on the point! I don't think my sense of balance is that good anymore. And I KNOW my figure isn't good enough to pull off that look anymore without looking like I'm wearing maternity clothes. I'm not built like a leggy adolescent. I have curves, dammit! So I plan to go out and buy up every pair of mid-rise, boot-cut jeans I can find and afford and hoard them for the next twenty years or so until they either come back into fashion or I don't care anymore. If, a few years down the road, you see an overly-curvy, red-haired, middle-aged BoHoHoldout among a crowd of people who look like they're in a remake of Flashdance, that'll be me. HA! 5. Yet another apple blossom photo (are y'all getting tired of these??), both normal: "Apple Blossom" and altered: "Apple Blossom: Spot of Color" 6. Almost forgot! I changed my profile photo yesterday because Deborah changed hers and that reminded me that I hadn't changed mine for months, so I switched to something different. (Plus we Debs gotta stick together.) Hope you like! Although if you don't, well...frankly, Tough. It's stayin' a while because I don't want to mess with it again this soon.