Sunday, May 21, 2006

Snafu and Blue and a Pair of Pears Too

It will probably come as no great surprise to anyone who has spent any time hanging out at RSR to discover that I have my own personal, probably-rather-odd method of keeping track of emails - which ones I need to save for a while, which ones I want or need to respond to but haven't had time to answer. Well yesterday I somehow - I still have NO idea how! - managed to unmark everything in my Inbox that I'd had marked as "things I need to answer." Oh goody. That might not be a big deal if I wasn't such an Email PackRat, but I AM an Email PackRat and don't delete old messages nearly as quickly as I should. So that means that my Inbox currently has around 650 messages in there (I can't believe I'm admitting this, but there it is) and that's JUST the Inbox....not any of my various email folders. And at this point I have no idea which of those 650 messages need a response and it'll obviously take a weeeee bit of time to figure out. Ahem. So if you're reading this and you've sent me an email in the past week or so that is the sort of email you might reasonably expect me to answer and you haven't heard back, you might want to shoot me another quick note saying something like "um, Deb, I think the email I sent Thursday is one of the ones that got lost in your so-called 'system', so could you check on that please-and-thank you?" I'm just sayin'... I think it was back in March that one of the stupid quizzes I'm so fond of doing was "What shade of green are you?" Well I just took one that is "What shade of blue are you?" and I liked the answer because it turns out I'm my own favorite shade of blue! Isn't that nice?
You Are Periwinkle
You're very intuitive and sensitive. You often know other people better than they know themselves. You're also quite optimistic, and you think well of yourself and others. You know your dreams will come true.
Daily Art Thang: Yet another take on the Pear photo, similar to yesterday's effort, but not. I think this one has a very quilty look, although I doubt I'll make it in fabric. "A Pair of Pears: Take Three"