Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tagged: 5 Things

I got tagged by Cate and since I loooves me some lists and memes, here we go: 5 Things 5 items in my fridge: 1. Kalamata olives 2. feta cheese 3. strawberries 4. sugar nectar (for the hummingbirds) 5. nightcrawlers (J likes to fish) 5 items in my closet: 1. 50+ pairs of shoes and boots (haven't counted for a while, so I don't know an exact number) 2. several pairs of house shoes, including puffy penguin slippers just like Whoopi wore in Jumpin' Jack Flash 3. several pillows (I'm on an eternal quest for THE pillow, but can't bear to throw away the almost-but-not-quite pillows I buy. At least I always have extra for guests!) 4. a stack of mid-rise boot-cut jeans 5. many t-shirts, both long-sleeved and short-sleeved, mostly bright colors, all hanging on color-coordinated hangers 5 items in my car: 1. a Rand-McNally North American atlas 2. an extra pair of sunglasses 3. untold numbers of in-case-of-emergency napkins saved from carry-out bags 4. wet wipes (for when the napkins alone won't do it!) 5. a flashlight 5 items in my purse: 1. two pairs of sunglasses (one regular, one magnetic pair that fits my regular glasses...are we sensing a sort of sunglasses fetish here??) 2. a variety of restaurant coupons I rarely remember to use 3. a list of books I want to buy 4. two ink pens, one plain practical dark gray pen with black ink, and one cool-looking partly-see-through neon chartreuse pen (although the ink is still black) 5. a good old-fashioned paper-and-print address book (The above was the whole meme from Cate, but the somewhat OCD part of my brain insists that there should be 5 sections to any quiz entitled 5 Things, so I'm adding the list below.) 5 items in my Desk: 1. Shipping/package tape 2. blank recordable CDs 3. digital camera accessories (connection cables, battery charger, mini-tripod, etc.) 4. AA batteries (for my cordless mouse that eats them like candy) 5. Emergency chocolate stash (speaking of candy) I've seen this one around a few places, so there may not be anyone reading my blog who wants to do it and hasn't already, but if there is, then the first 5 people to say so in comments can consider themselves officially tagged! Today's Daily Art Thang: "A Pair of Pears: Take Two"